Pinning API

Dolpin pinning service complies with the IPFS Pinning Service API specification.

For a full list and documentation of all the available pinning service endpoints, visit the IPFS Pinning Service API endpoint documentation.

Requesting access

To request access to the pinning service for your Dolpin account, navigate to Developer Tools on Side Navigation Bar & Select ‘API Tokens’. The API Tokens interface will allow you to ‘Create New Token’, name it, and acquire your API Token.

Once created, an API Key Folder will be generated. All files uploaded via API will be stored here.

Upload & Pin files

You can upload files via POST request, and pin them to IPFS via Dolpin API on IPFS interface.<YOUR_API_TOKEN>

form-data : 
    files : [file]
    name: “file name”

Delete files

You can delete files via DELETE request, and remove them with their GUID.<YOUR_API_TOKEN>

body : 
        "document_guid": ["<guid>", "<guid>"]

Note: Guid can be accessed from the details sections of each files.

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