NFT Storage

The best practice for storing NFTs is on decentralized storages like Dolpin.

Upload Assets on Dolpin

Before Minting, Upload your NFT assets on Dolpin. Clicking the upload button will allow you to upload both single files, or an entire folder. This pins your assets, storing them permanently.

Adding Pointers to Images

When minting, you must upload accompanying JSON files with properties related to your NFT. Take a look, and take note that the “image” tag is what your NFT asset actually is.

  "description": "NFT Desription", 
  "image": "ipfs://YOUR_NFT_CID", 
	  "name": "NFT Name"

Creating JSON Files

These JSON files can be created easily.

You can copy paste the example above into Notepad, and rename as required (Just make sure to use double quotes as per JSON convention). Afterwards, save the file as required with a .json extension. Your final files should be named somewhat like this:


Uploading Metadata to IPFS

Simply upload your meta-data and point to the IPFS URL (i.e. IPFS://metadata-cid)

And thus, you have an NFT stored permanently - and owned by you properly. This is a practice that should be adopted by NFT Project Owners & Holders Alike.

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