What is Dolpin built with?

Dolpin is built with IPFS, a distributed system for storing and accessing data.

What does it mean to pin content on IPFS?

In a distributed file storage system, nodes collect data and store them in caches. Unfortunately, caches have limited data and empty routinely.

This means: Your files will automatically get deleted unless they are ‘pinned’

Why should I pin content on Dolpin?

Pinning content on IPFS comes with one major benefit: ownership. You don’t have to be worried about your files disappearing

Theoretically, you can build your own IPFS nodes & store accordingly. But let’s save up on engineering time & resources - Use Dolpin instead.

Is content on Dolpin private?

Uploading content on IPFS will generate a Content Identifier or CID, and anyone with access to CID will be able to view your files. Thankfully, we allow ‘encryption’ - that restricts CID sharing to anyone unauthorised.

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